Waste and recycling
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Providing P&O with a streamlined waste
management service and increased recycling rates

P&O was formed in 2002 following the merger of its regional businesses operating on the North Sea, Western Channel, short sea and Irish Sea. It currently operates more than 20 ships, ranging from the largest cruise ferries to dedicated freight ships. These ships transport almost 9 million passengers and 2 million freight units annually.

The challenge

P&O wanted to streamline its collection service, increase recycling and establish a quick and responsive service to minimise any impact on its core operations.

The solution

To meet the needs of P&O, Veolia implemented a new approach to handling its waste streams. To increase recycling and ensure waste was correctly segregated, Veolia introduced a four-stream system to collect glass, general waste, dry mixed recycling, food waste and paper. This segregation mirrored the process on ships and at the main office and warehouse facility. All general waste is bailed up to become refuse-derived fuel to generate energy.

Efficient collection is achieved using a split-body vehicle. This enables multiple waste streams to be collected on one vehicle and is linked to an optimised collection schedule to minimise time and traffic movements on its serviced sites. By using a dedicated vehicle and driver for this contract, Veolia has developed a closer familiarity with the site/contract. This contributes to the operations’ smooth running in line with the precise timings P&O needs.

Key to successful recycling is a clear understanding of where and how waste should be segregated. To support this, Veolia worked with P&O to increase awareness of recycling on new ships by redesigning the on-board recycling areas and upgrading signage to ensure passengers can recycle unwanted items. A bin-cleaning routine is also incorporated in this contract to keep the ships’ bins fresh.

Veolia also provides the ships with skips at refits, scrap-metal skips in the garage and a general skip for the marine store at Channel House.

Value delivered

Veolia’s service, developed through a closer depot relationship, has ensured consistently smooth collections that meets the customer’s needs of being quick, flexible and efficient.

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