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Helping to meet Wembley
Stadium’s sustainability targets

Wembley stadium is the largest stadium in the UK with a 90,000-seat capacity. Opened in 2007, the stadium hosts major football matches, and other music and sporting events. It is owned by Wembley National Stadium Ltd, a subsidiary of the governing body of English football, the Football Association.

The challenge

Through all its activities Wembley stadium wanted to become one of the most environmentally friendly venues in the world and achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for reducing their carbon emissions in 2014.

The solution

To meet Wembley stadium’s sustainability objectives and manage the waste produced during events, Veolia has introduced a wide range of measures designed specifically to make the venue best in class.

Delivered a complete cleaning solution supported by management of recycling material and supply of vehicles and equipment, with manual and mechanical sweeping and litter picking.

Bespoke training for staff with the aim of reducing contamination and increasing recycling.

Working closely with catering and other contractors, Veolia ensures the vast majority of complementary and sold products are commercially recyclable.

Introduction of food waste recycling through trial, design implementation, delivery, promotion, training and monitoring. Provided outside concourse grounds maintenance, perimeter litter picking and local processing of wood, metal, hazardous and WEEE materials.

Value delivered

Veolia has helped the Stadium manage all waste from its operations, achieved high recycling rates, and contributed to the highest standards for sustainable management of this type of facility. Veolia is also supporting Wembley stadium to get ISO 20121 certification.

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