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Hazardous waste drums

Regional Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations

Our six licensed hazardous transfer stations accept mixed loads of hazardous waste packages, drums and IBCs. Our chemists segregate your waste for safe storage according to its hazards and its intended
processing route in accordance with the waste hierarchy.


What is a waste transfer station?

Hazardous waste contains dangerous substances including flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive, harmful, and carcinogenic properties that can cause harm to the environment and human health.

Accessing treatment options that enable your waste to be processed at the highest level of the waste hierarchy can be achieved, cost-effectively, via Veolia’s hazardous waste transfer stations. By delivering mixed waste loads into our transfer stations, the items can be segregated by waste type for onward transfer to the most suitable facility when sufficient stocks have been collated helping you to achieve your company’s sustainability goals.


How we can help

A Veolia Waste Transfer Station offers more in house waste management options than any other UK waste provider. Initial waste mapping to identify and understand the waste composition is vital when providing the most environmentally friendly route possible, according to the waste hierarchy. Our team of technical sales executives can help you undertake this exercise.

Our transfer stations provide a central hub to collate hazardous wastes from all of our customers, building sufficient stocks to enable financially viable access to the full range of recycling and treatment options available for your waste whatever the quantity: This ranges from our two solvent recycling plants, oil recycling plant, two inorganic treatment plants and our High Temperature Incinerator. Veolia offers direct pricing to our UK facilities and a cradle to grave process which is clearly identifiable. This offers customers complete peace of mind with respect to their waste requirements and delivers direct prices to our facilities in the UK.

Once waste is received at one of our Transfer Stations each load is segregated into a waste type and stored ready for onward transfer to a Veolia recycling facility, a Veolia Treatment Plant, our High Temperature Incinerator, or an audited third party facility. By also having final processing facilities on site at three of our transfer stations we reduce onward costs and eliminate additional carbon emissions which increases the efficiency of our operations.

How do we create value for you?

By using one of Veolia’s 6 transfer stations you will have direct access to Veolia’s final recycling, treatment and incineration destinations in the UK. This is important for all companies with sustainability and environmental goals. A full clear audit trail in the UK ensures your waste is correctly handled according to the waste hierarchy. This guarantees a reduced carbon footprint and the most competitive prices possible.

A clear audit trail for your hazardous waste ensures that we will protect your company’s reputation and protect the environment.

ISO Accreditations 9001, 14001, 45001

Our hazardous waste transfer stations are located at:

  • Falkirk, Scotland
  • Preston, Lancs
  • Norwood, Sheffield
  • Aldridge, West Midlands
  • Stewartby, Bedfordshire
  • Marchwood, Hampshire



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