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Along with Waga Energy, Veolia has commissioned one of the largest biomethane production units in Europe. Located on the biggest biogas production site in France, the project will contribute significantly to European energy security.

What does the biomethane project involve?

Based on the WAGABOX technology developed by Waga Energy, the fully automated biomethane production unit will recover and treat the biogas produced from landfill waste, which can then be transformed into biomethane, a 100% renewable gas. This green gas can be injected directly into the network to provide energy to homes and businesses in the region around the site, which will be located in Claye-Souilly (near Paris). This facility will be capable of producing 120 GWh of renewable gas annually - equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of 20,000 households.

What are the benefits of this project?

Biomethane represents a greener alternative to many other fuel sources, with the new project able to avoid around 25,000 tons of CO2 every year. In addition, capturing and using the biogas generated from landfill waste in this way enables us to derive sustainability benefits from even non-recyclable waste. This project is one of four currently being developed by Veolia and Waga Energy in France - once commissioned, these four units will have a combined biomethane production capacity of up to 175 GWh per year by 2024, making a significant contribution to the production of green energy in France.

Yet the benefits of this project, and others like it, go beyond sustainability. We are currently experiencing a period of energy volatility and uncertainty, when prices are skyrocketing and businesses and consumers alike are questioning where our energy comes from. This type of local energy system provides a secure supply, dependent only on local infrastructure - removing the worry of international supply chains being threatened. Projects such as this represent a way forward for European energy independence and security, and have the added benefit of contributing to a truly circular economy.

Veolia and Waga Energy have announced the commissioning of France’s largest biomethane production unit using biogas from a non-hazardous waste storage facility.


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