Sustainability Report 2021: Protecting our planet

Across the Veolia Group, we are committed to achieving ecological transformation. Our provision of water, waste and energy management services gives a greater impetus for us to drive emission reductions, achieve Net Zero across our business operations and enhance biodiversity.

Our Net Zero Commitment

In ensuring we are on track to achieving our ambitions toward Net Zero by 2050, our Net Zero Roadmap was published in 2021 to guide our journey to decarbonising services that are essential to everyday life and hold us responsible for our commitments.

We are committed to:

  • Reducing our operational emissions
  • Reducing our process emissions
  • Capturing and offsetting our remaining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Working in partnership to reduce the emissions we do not have control over
  • Continuing to improve the quality of our carbon reporting
  • Continuing to develop low and zero-carbon solutions for customers

We have already made progress in bringing to life many of the actions we laid out in our commitments, since the publication of the strategy 12 months ago.

Sustainability Report 2021


Optimising operations to reduce emissions

Optimising our own sites and facilities has allowed us to reduce our GHG footprint. We have implemented control improvements across our District Heating Networks which have achieved savings of 500MWh of gas per year. Real-Time Control (RTC) optimisation allowed our Tidworth water and wastewater site to save 131,400kWh of electrical power.

This year we also introduced 60 new and upcycled electric vehicles to our fleet in Westminster, resulting in an 89% reduction in carbon emissions - an incredible achievement for Westminster City Council. We are also working with the UK Government to enable the deployment of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technologies across our Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs).


Investing in renewable energy

In 12 months, we generated around 1,898MWh of extra electricity at our Seafield Wastewater Treatment site via additional biogas production. This biogas energy provides 85% of Seafield’s electricity, supporting our circular economy. Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Tracker recently recognised our efforts toward a circular economy, achieving an overall score of 71%, which is significantly above the cohort average by other organisations.

The bigger picture

As well as optimising our sites on an operational level to achieve Net Zero and protect our planet, there are many other components present in tackling the climate crisis. We implemented a Biodiversity Action Plan for each of our sensitive sites, installing structures such as living-walls and habitats for introducing new plants and wildlife. We are currently one of the leading performers according to the Environment Agency for biodiversity compliance.

We also support local green projects, with our charity partner, The Veolia Environmental Trust. The Trust awarded more than £4.9 million to 100 community and environmental projects in 2021, including nature reserves, community centres and playgrounds. The involvement with communities is invaluable in encouraging others to experience our natural planet and protect its future.


Discover how we are achieving Ecological Transformation.

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