It pays to prepare for Net Zero

Turning ambitions into reality: preparing for Net Zero

The UK's legal Net Zero target is 2050. While this sounds a long way off, progressive industries are acting now and have Net Zero targets within the next decade.

Food and beverage manufacturers need to start thinking now about how they can prepare.

The barriers to reducing your carbon footprint

A key factor deterring businesses from taking action to reduce their carbon footprint is the initial cost. Particularly if current systems are working well and are cost-effective, there is little incentive to upgrade to more carbon-neutral solutions.

Being unsure of where to even begin when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint can also be a barrier. If sustainability is only a small aspect of your role, there will be a limit to how much time you can invest in learning more about Net Zero and carbon reduction. Knowing how to adapt your business' processes to reduce carbon emissions can be even harder.

Benefits of preparing for Net Zero

Despite some initial investment in new technologies or systems, implementing more carbon-neutral processes can be cost-effective in the long run. With new regulations like the Carbon Emissions Tax coming into force, your business could end up getting stung if it doesn't take action now to reduce its carbon footprint.

As well as being financially damaging, this can hurt your business' ability to achieve green credentials and standards - including those set by supermarkets. With consumers becoming increasingly engaged with sustainability issues, it pays to start thinking now about meeting Net Zero targets.

How can I reduce my business' carbon footprint?

Veolia can support your food and beverage manufacturing business to find carbon reduction solutions which work for you. This can include forming clusters with other businesses to share resources and facilities, as well as thinking about carbon reduction strategies to roll out across your whole business, not just at each individual site.

We can keep you informed about key changes in legislation, and updates which will impact your business. Based on this, we can develop solutions which help your business stay ahead of the curve when it comes to carbon reduction processes - for example, we can find a way for you to utilise renewable energy more, or to minimise waste by developing a new recycling route for one of your waste streams.

We can also help you analyse areas of the business which you may not typically associate with carbon reduction, for example water - we can help you find more carbon-neutral ways to treat water, or even provide optimum treatment processes for businesses who are extracting their own water.


Reaching Net Zero

Food and beverage manufacturers, much like the UK as a whole, must develop a blend of solutions to meet Net Zero - focusing on one area alone won't be enough. With the gap widening between the UK's Net Zero ambitions and our actual progress, it's important to make sure your business is prepared to play its part.


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