Supermarket Concessions - Help or Hinderance

Make sure your supermarket concessions don't hinder your waste management efforts
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Are Concession Brands Undermining Your Sustainability Efforts?

Concession brands within supermarkets are becoming increasingly popular with big-name retailers. However, with concessions comes individual waste management systems.

Supermarket Sustainability Goals

Supermarkets face increasing pressure to increase recycling rates, create a circular economy and protect their bottom line whilst doing so. As a result, it's important to create an efficient, sustainable waste management strategy that addresses all of these concerns, by segregating waste so that different treatment routes can be developed for different waste streams, and recycling as much as possible to hit your zero to landfill targets.

But concessions that are integrated into your stores may not have the same strategies and could end up increasing your general waste quantities and damaging your recycling rates. General waste is the most costly to dispose of (when a lot of it could in fact be recycled). While certain waste streams can be segregated from general waste as part of the treatment process, this could have been done initially on-site, reducing contamination and creating a more cost-effective system.

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Working with concessions to reach supermarket sustainability goals

It's crucial to ensure that your business and all of your concessions are aligned to reach your waste management goals, and your sustainability targets more broadly. You can offer concessions options to dispose of their waste which enable you to be in control of all of the waste disposal on your site.

Veolia can offer a pre-paid bag service to your concessions, which enables all the site's waste to be dealt with by one supplier, and removes waste from your own containers or compactors. This allows you to manage how much waste they are producing, and be in complete control of your site's waste by enabling you to manage waste volumes more easily. This allows for an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective waste management system to be implemented across the whole site, with no areas letting you down.



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