A resilient, robust and responsive waste management service

Waste Management Services

FM and property management companies provide essential services that enable their clients to carry on with business as usual. Yet to guarantee a reliable service, they need to ensure their own supply chain offers security and peace of mind.

What your clients expect from you

Organisations expect their FM providers to offer a flexible, resilient and fast-moving service that is able to deliver essential services whilst remaining unobtrusive to their operations. They need providers to respond to their evolving needs, and make their lives easier in the process. In the event of a change in circumstances, they also need providers to have contingency plans in place to allow for operations to continue with minimal disruption. For FM companies who provide a total Facilities Management service to their clients, they have to ensure that all areas work together to provide compliant, sustainable, cost-effective services.

How Veolia will help you deliver

To support the delivery of services to your clients, we know that you expect high standards from your own suppliers. By choosing Veolia as your waste management partner, you are guaranteed access to a nationwide network of UK waste treatment facilities, and your clients  will be serviced by the largest and most sustainable fleet of collection vehicles in the industry. Having the UK's most robust infrastructure in place enables us to offer a responsive, agile service that can react to yours and your clients' needs, and match the fast-paced nature of FM providers' services. By partnering with Veolia, you know that you have selected the UK waste experts. Through our knowledge and experience, we are also able to remove any worries about compliance.

What value does this offer?

By  ensuring that your waste management is in a safe pair of hands, you are removing any worry and uncertainty. We also have an industry-leading collection rate of over 99%, so you are guaranteed no surprises when it comes to the removal and reliable treatment of waste. Thanks to our national coverage, you don't need to manage multiple providers and have the added benefit of a single point of contact - giving you peace of mind that can be passed on to your clients. The flexibility we offer means contingency plans exist should the unexpected occur. Combined with the fast-paced, responsive nature of our services, this makes us the ideal waste management partner of choice for FM and property management providers across the UK.


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