Turning ambitions into reality: preparing for Net Zero

Turning ambitions into reality: preparing for Net Zero

In a recent poll conducted on our LinkedIn page, 77% of respondents claimed that their level of concern over carbon has increased in the past five years.

The topics of carbon reduction and Net Zero have undoubtedly become more present, with many companies even releasing TV adverts to proclaim their ambitions to be carbon neutral. But how realistic are our Net Zero aims, and what more can be done to help us get there?

Net Zero

Setbacks and concerns

According to Atkins' report from July 2020, the UK is currently not on track to hit Net Zero in 2050 - our legal deadline. We are behind expected levels of investment in renewable energy infrastructure, and there need to be more policy interventions across various sectors to reduce greenhouse gases.

The UK's departure from the European Union also presents a setback to our Net Zero ambitions, as it threatens our main carbon pricing mechanism - the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), which covers around a third of the UK's emissions.

Preparation is key

The upcoming Carbon Emissions Tax, which will charge businesses £16 per tonne of carbon produced over an agreed limit, will fill the hole left by the EU ETS to some extent. But for businesses, it's important to start thinking now about how you can prepare and ensure that you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Reducing your carbon emissions will help you meet sustainability targets and be part of the all-important drive to reach Net-Zero. It will also be positive for your brand image and enable you to be more cost-efficient, as you will not have to pay out for the Tax.


'Data only makes sense through the services that enhance it'

Thanks to the poll mentioned above, we know that around three-quarters of people are feeling more concerned about carbon than they were five years ago. But knowing this information is pointless if we don't use it - it's important for us to outline exactly how we can help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

We can start by looking at real data from your business, in order to analyse trends and identify areas for improvement. This can be across a variety of areas, including energy and waste. We can then use this information to develop solutions from our broad portfolio. These could include integrating renewable energy into your energy mix or introducing a new route for your food waste.

Legislation Updates
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Whatever sector your business operates in, we can help you find ways to contribute to Net-Zero.

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