Benchmarking. How do you measure up?

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Faced with a multitude of challenges, logisitics companies need ways to improve efficiencies and drive down costs. From a procurement perspective, there are different ways that you can tackle this.

One of the most effective can be simplifying your waste and energy strategies - particularly if you run satellite depots on different contracts to your main hub. To do that, you need a clear picture of all your operations, and therein lies the problem.

Accurate benchmarking is key to helping any business improve performance, but many crave the digitalisation and data transparency needed to gain accurate insights into the true status of their operations.

A lack of digitalisation doesn't just lead to contract inefficiencies; it also means missing out on the opportunity to maximise the value of waste, reducing your tax liability, and generous rebates. Or drastically reducing energy bills by introducing energy-saving measures or matching supply to demand.

WATCH: Julian Hollis, National Account Manager Veolia UK, shares his top 5 benefits of benchmarking.


Having the right benchmarking tool in place can make a significant difference to your purchasing and business performance. It will enable you to keep control of your sites processes, such as waste operations or energy consumption, from start to finish. Let's take waste as an example. We can carry out a detailed composition analysis that will enable you to maximise recycling opportunities and divert more waste from landfill on your journey to waste zero. Automatic weighing of waste containers on collection will also ensure no valuable data slips through the net.

Waste volumes and compositions can be aggregated across sites and summarised in one report for statistical analysis, so you can create league tables to ensure your delivery targets are achieved. And with digitalisation in the form of our Customer Hub, all that can be done in real time, with live reporting across your entire estate.



Armed with all that data, making direct comparisons - even across disparate sites - is quick and simple, which in turn speeds up decision making. Everything from improving processes, making your supply chain more resilient, and switching to more sustainable energy sources. At the same time, benchmarking helps you keep track of costs and site performance, highlighting where you can make clear savings from aligning services or implementing resource efficiencies that add real value.



Benchmarking can mean the difference between simply managing costs and yielding significant savings. Even small adjustments to your current processes could reap sizable rewards. But only if you have a reliable and accurate system in place than can provide you with all the data you need in real time. With Veolia as your benchmarking and service partner, that's guaranteed.


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