Remove the risk with automated cleaning solutions

Industrial cleaning

Sustainability, efficiency and cost-savings are all key for any industrial business. However, safety must always remain the number one priority. Find out how technology and automation can help you ensure high safety standards.

Balancing all of your obligations

Industrial businesses are required to meet high standards of maintenance and cleanliness, to ensure that equipment is able to continue functioning safely and efficiently. For example, heat exchangers need to be cleaned regularly to prevent sediment build up and the consequent production downtime. In sectors such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical, where particularly stringent standards are in place, it's crucial to keep on top of your maintenance responsibilities. However, cleaning and maintenance processes can involve a high level risk for your employees, requiring them to enter potentially dangerous spaces or operate specialist, and potentially hazardous, jetting equipment.


Turning to technology

Technology and automation remove the risk for your staff, whilst ensuring that your equipment is cleaned to the required standards. Automated solutions for processes such as lagoon cleaning and tank/vessel cleaning, almost completely reduce the need for man entry into confined spaces. This eliminates the requirement for your employees to enter potentially harmful environments and ensures you are compliant with confined space regulations. In addition, remote high pressure water jetting systems can reduce downtime for critical processes such as tube bundle and pipeline cleaning. As well as meeting safety standards, this helps you to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

How can Veolia help?

Veolia's Industrial Site Services team have the technology to enable you to reach your goals. Our remotely operated, automated cleaning solutions include options for cleaning tanks, vessels and lagoons, of all sizes and quantities. With a wealth of experience on their side, our operators enable you to get the most from automated technology, so that you can tap into all the benefits listed above. Our teams are based at depots throughout the UK, and work with a range of household names to provide reliable, efficient cleaning solutions, whilst safeguarding your employees' welfare and minimising risk.



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