Veolia UK’s first Annual Sustainability event

VEO23, Veolia UK’s first Annual Sustainability event

Last Tuesday, Veolia UK proudly hosted VEO23, a groundbreaking event that surpassed all expectations. Set against the stunning backdrop of Center Parcs Woburn Forest, this remarkable gathering seamlessly blended the power of a conference and the energy of a festival-style exhibition.

We were thrilled to welcome many esteemed Veolia customers to VEO23, a testament to their shared passion for creating a better future. The event provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to eagerly delve deeper into the true impact of the climate crisis, connecting with industry leaders who imparted valuable insights on how we can all drive meaningful action. This event didn't just educate and inform; it forged a platform for collaboration and shared responsibility, igniting a collective ambition to make a difference.

While VEO23 was an experience like no other, one of the standout features was the opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the essence of ecological transformation. Revolutionary technologies like virtual reality transported participants into a world where they could witness firsthand the direct consequences of environmental challenges. An immersive cinema experience further amplified the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. Interactive workshops utilising recycled materials provided a hands-on exploration of innovative approaches and practical solutions.

What truly made VEO23 exceptional was its ability to unite organisations from diverse market sectors, all driven by a common goal of saving our planet. Collaborations and partnerships blossomed amidst the event, fostering an unwavering commitment to combat pressing environmental concerns together.

The conference aspect of VEO23 featured enlightening talks from valued sustainability leaders, both from within Veolia Group, globe and beyond. These thought-provoking discussions unveiled actionable strategies and pioneering initiatives aimed at conquering the challenges of our time. The festival component added an exciting flair, captivating attendees with creative workshops and roundtable conversations that inspired active participation and real change.

As we reflect on the resounding success of VEO23, we are reminded of the power of collective action and shared knowledge. By joining together, we can create a sustainable future for upcoming generations. Veolia UK takes pride in hosting this groundbreaking event and remains committed to driving ecological transformation in collaboration with our valued customers.

Workshop conducted by visual artist Faith Bebbington

Panel discussion hosted by Natalie Fee: environmental campaigner, author, speaker, and founder of City to Sea

Let's unite and accelerate the journey towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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