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Veolia Water Projects provides water and sewerage services to domestic and commercial customers in the Tidworth and Perham Down area in Wiltshire and for its associated civilian population in post codes SP9 and SP11. 

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As these areas fall within another supply area, the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) has granted Veolia a special license to provide these services. This is known as an inset appointment.

If your enquiry relates to any other post code please refer to the water company for that geographic area.

If your water supplier recently changed its name from Veolia Water Central, East or Southeast to Affinity Water, please contact them directly.

Our operating area

Tidworth operating area

Tidworth operating area

Veolia Water Projects' (Tidworth inset) operating area is about 80 miles south west of London.

What we offer

  • Our team is locally-based
  • We ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water for our customers
  • We operate, maintain and continually improve the large network of water and sewerage assets
  • We deal with and manage wastewater
  • Our service includes customer relations and billing
  • We support our local communities
  • We support developers with new connections.

Our published reports

We are required by the Regulators such as OFWAT and DEFRA to publish certain Reports and Performance Information relating to how we administer and control our Business. In this Section you will be able to view and download such documents from the list below: 
The Small Companies Return 2015 /2016
PDF - 1.84 MB

Our guarantee to you
PDF - 313.14 KB
Item 7(a) Risk and Compliance Statement
PDF - 225.2 KB
Item 7(b) Key Performance Indicators Report
PDF - 1.53 MB
Item 7(c) DG reporting table Apr 2015 - Mar 2016
PDF - 86.06 KB

Serving Tidworth and Perham Down

Affinity Water Customer?

Were you once a Veolia Water Central, East or Southeast customer? Your water company is now called Affinity Water.

Veolia has sold Veolia Water Central, Veolia Water Southeast and Veolia Water East.

These companies are now known as Affinity Water. If want to contact one of these tap water companies please click HERE.

Tidworth Residential Customers

If you're a Tidworth residential customer and you have an Operational or Billing enquiry, call: 03451 482 909*
Mon-Fri, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

*A 24 hour emergency service operates outside of these hours. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes. 

Tidworth Email

Residential Billing Enquiries
Operational Enquiries
Developer Services Enquiries

Tidworth Postal Address

Veolia Water Projects Limited
PO Box 3920
Customer Billing
Are you a Tidworth resident? Find out here how you can pay your bill, whether your water is metered or not.

Tidworth Operations
The maintenance and repair of water mains, service pipes, drains and sewers is undertaken by our own local technicians and contractors.

Developer Services
This section of Water Projects is the focal point for developers and individuals who require new water and/or waste water connections. It also se...