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Local Authority Street Cleansing Service

A variety of street cleansing
services with a single point of contact

Local authorities are under increasing pressure to satisfy residents' expectations for clean and tidy communities, despite cuts to budgets. With one point of contact for a variety of street cleansing services, we can make sure you comply with the code of practice on litter and refuse - and help you create a real sense of civic pride.

How we can help

What starts out as an overflowing bin or small piece of graffiti can often turn into a larger scale problem. By coordinating all your street cleansing operations, we can help you to enhance your local street scene everywhere from streets and pavements to park benches.

Our comprehensive range of services includes street sweeping, emptying public litter bins, removing graffiti, killing weeds and winter maintenance. We can also provide mechanical street cleaning and road sweeper services.  

How do we create value for you?

Choosing just one supplier to cleanse your street scene can streamline costs and free up valuable budget. It will also increase your authority’s recycling rates and help you meet zero waste to landfill targets by recycling more public waste.

We're partnering with Northampton Borough Council to clean up the local environment and boost recycling rates.

One point of contact for a variety of street cleansing services

Enhance your local authority, from streets and pavements to park benches

Increase your authority’s recycling rates