Refurbishing and repairing pumps in Scotland

Pump Refurbishment

Maintaining in-house pumps of all sizes, types and applications in Scotland

Maximise the reliability of your
asset with our Pump Refurbishment service

All pumps require maintenance and repair at some point in time. This could be dealing with an unexpected breakdown or replacing worn parts at a scheduled maintenance interval. Veolia's expert Pump Refurbishment Centre, based in Arbroath in Scotland, aims is to maximise the reliability of your assets and minimise expensive failures.

How can we help

Veolia’s Pump Refurbishment Service uses advanced technologies and many years of hands-on experience to refurbish assets for our customers. Refurbishment rather than replacement of assets minimises costs and maximises uptime and efficiency whilst maintaining high health, safety and environmental standards.

Following an assessment of the condition of assets, together with our customers we design a refurbishment programme which will keep assets performing at their best. The age of assets can affect plant efficiency, reliability and productivity and this is taken into account when preparing any refurbishment programme.

By employing condition based maintenance techniques we can identify and diagnose problems before they result in a failure.


How can we create value for you

Veolia's dedicated Pump Refurbishment Centre at Hatton WwTW by Arbroath provides a one-stop shop service for pump refurbishments. The centre can provide complete range of repair, overhaul and refurbishment of pumps from 2kW to 560kW to restore equipment to its original operating condition. Our approach is to reclaim or refurbish components, whenever possible, to reduce costs and minimise turnaround times.

Depending on the nature of repair, we offer both onsite and workshop repair.


We can refurbish the following types of pump:

  • Submersible
  • Screw
  • Positive Displacement
  • Centrifugal
  • Axial Flow
  • Magnetic Drive
  • Vacuum
  • Multi-Stage

Dedicated Pump Refurbishment Centre based in Arbroath, Scotland

ATEX, COMPAQ and NICEIC certification

Maintain over 300 in-house pumps of all sizes, types and applications