Radioactive Waste

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Combustible Treatment of Radioactive Waste

With the capability to process a wide range of radioactive materials from across the nuclear, energy and research sectors, you can be assured that our High Temperature Incinerator at Ellesmere Port offers the best route for combustible treatment.

How we can help

Our High Temperature Incinerator (HTI) is permitted to process a wide range of radioactive wastes. The facility has been processing hazardous and complex wastes for over 30 years and is the largest facility of its kind in the UK.

We offer multiple processing routes for solid and liquid radioactive waste, offering solutions for packages ranging from small kegs to IBCs. Producers can be assured of a compliant service which starts with a comprehensive pre-acceptance process to give confidence that your waste can be treated compliantly.  Our fully qualified DGSA can provide assistance with assessment of the transport requirements for your waste and prepare appropriate documentation and labeling.

All consignments are carefully checked on arrival at the site before being stored in a dedicated and secure storage facility. The waste is then processed in accordance with our EPR16 permit, ensuring that all environmental emissions are strictly controlled.


ellesmere port high temperature incinerator
Ellesmere Port HTI

How do we create value for you?

With our specialist knowledge and expertise, you are always guaranteed the very best disposal solution for your radioactive materials. Our simple process will ensure your hazardous waste streams are managed safely to eliminate the risk of penalties. So you can continue with your operations, safe in the knowledge that you have upheld your corporate responsibilities, and will not risk reputational damage.



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