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Everything that you need to know on the Circular Economy.

During unprecedented times, our Hazardous Waste Team went above and beyond to support our customers
Legislation Updates
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The Climate Action for UK FE Colleges Roadmap has been developed in collaboration between Climate Commission and award-winning management consultancy, Nous Group. Veolia is committed to supporting your organisation in reaching
the roadmap objectives.
From watertight roofs to accessible ramps, to multi-use games areas and huge composting bays....the Veolia Environmental Trust continues to support it all! 
Corporate Responsibility
We have long been recognised as a leader in sustainability - and today we take the next steps with 10 sustainable commitments to preserve and protect the environment for future generations and support our people.
During the pandemic, we've helped lots of people, just like Sam. Maybe we can help you?
Legislation Updates
Find out the policy updates for June, and how they will affect your business.
Service Innovation
Our experts discuss the benefits of the service and how you can book your disinfection.
Corporate Responsibility
It's a tough road ahead....but we're with you on the journey! When times are tough, you need a partner you can trust.