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Everything that you need to know on the Circular Economy.

Legislation Updates
Find out more about the policy changes that could impact your business.
Click here to find out more about what Veolia has done for the electricity and gas for the City of Braunschweig, Germany.
Find out where you can find us and when we'll be presenting at Healthcare Estates 2019.
Corporate Responsibility
We have put together a short guideline booklet to keeping everyone safe around waste containers and their contents.
Corporate Responsibility
Veolia staff are being challenged to raise £20 for Alzheimer's Research UK during World Alzheimer's Month in September, find out more.
Service Innovation
Is Collaboration Key To Making Innovation A Business Reality? Gavin Graveson, discusses...
Legislation Updates
The Government has reported back on the four consultations which will shape the future of the sector, find out what this means for your business.
Legislation Updates
If resources are cheap, the incentive to run a throw-away society is higher.

Read the case for a plastic packaging tax in the United Kingdom.