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Everything that you need to know about Ecological Transformation.

At Veolia, we build this trust by creating real social value, ensuring we are operating responsibly, ethically and sustainably across all business functions.
Beyond providing essential water, waste and energy services, we are committed to supporting societal development in all of the regions in which we operate.
We are committed to achieving ecological transformation. We ensure our business operations reflect that by adopting efficient, low-carbon and sustainable solutions.
At Veolia, our ambition is to become the benchmark for ecological transformation, reversing the effects of climate change and protecting our planet's natural resources. However, we can't do it alone. We can only achieve our vision of a greener future through building valuable customer partnerships.
At Veolia, our ambition is huge. We simply could not achieve our ambitions without people who are passionate and committed, who feel safe and fulfilled.
Find out the key policy highlights from May/June 2022, including the Government's efforts to combat the cost of living crisis.
To protect our planet and reverse the effects of climate change, we are aiming to become the benchmark for ecological transformation. Our Sustainability Report 2021 details our progress towards this aim over the past year.
Over the last couple of years, however, the digital transformation for businesses has accelerated significantly. Whilst many would assume digital is best - particularly in regards to minimising paper use and reducing waste - it does come with its own challenges that need to be addressed.
Packaging waste is often demonised as one of society's sustainability weaknesses. Many manufacturers and retailers have already taken steps to cut down on packaging to try and reduce waste, and eco-design of packaging materials is increasingly becoming a priority.