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Everything that you need to know on the Circular Economy.

Last week, Tim Duret, the Director of Sustainable Technology at Veolia, featured on the latest episode of The Dairy Dialogue Podcast by the Dairy Reporter.
In our Consumer Behaviour podcast, we explore the current trends and topics influencing consumers with our panel of industry experts: Julie Angulo (Veolia), Peter Belk (BITC) and Bruna Silva (NWEC).
Find out the key policy highlights from March 2021.
Eliminating single-use plastics has been high on the sustainability agenda in the UK for a while now, with items like plastic straws and cotton buds being banned in the last couple of years.
The circular economy aims to turn all waste products into a resource, but the full potential of the circular economy model is really demonstrated when old items are given new life in the most unexpected of ways.
This year’s World Water Day encourages us to explore our thoughts about  'what water means to you' - we know that water is an essential resource for all businesses to some degree, but it is especially important for those who use it in production.
Find out the key policy highlights from February and March so far, from the budget and beyond.
What really happens to your recycling after it's put in your recycling bin, either at home or at your business? There are various misconceptions surrounding waste disposal services, so in this myth-buster, we aim to dispel some of these.
Improving sustainability and protecting profitability are seemingly two conflicting priorities for businesses - but they don't need to be.