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Everything that you need to know on the Circular Economy.

New research highlights the disparity in recycling habits between at work and in the home. Find out the role businesses have to play.
Join our webinar in association with WRAP to find out how you could save money through effective food waste management.
Join us at our FREE 20/20 Vision Events to find out about the latest policy changes, better ways to reduce and recycle waste and how to future-proof your business.
Find out why swapping plastic packaging for other materials, such as paper and glass, might not be the best news for the environment.
In a context of global warming, unprecedented demographic growth, and reduced and impoverished arable land, Humanity will have to meet the twofold challenge of food and housing.
Legislation Updates
The latest updates on the policies affecting your business.
Service Innovation
The UK Plastic Pacts 100 members are focussed on ambitious targets to tackle plastic waste in the natural environment, find out more about progress so far.
Legislation Updates
Sweden is introducing a new tax on refuse-derived fuel (RDF) set to impact businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. Find out what this means for you.
We recycle lots of items around our homes every day, however, what about those computer games that you no longer play?