How technology is transforming FM

Technology is having a bigger impact on the world than ever before, and is affecting all industries. Facilities Management (FM) is embracing technological innovations to add value and provide a seamless experience for organisations.

Contracts that go above and beyond

Organisations demand more from FM providers now than they ever have previously. A collaborative survey conducted by Veolia and FMJ showed that a high percentage of businesses expect their FM provider to supply both hard and soft services, alongside waste management services, software support solutions and much more. The expectation is increasingly for FM companies to provide a seamless, stress-free experience that incorporates a variety of areas, leaving clients free to focus on core business activities.

Providing more than the day to day

Veolia's FM team adds value to your contract in a variety of ways. In addition to delivering a service driven by high standards and an in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements, our self-delivery capability means that we can help you deal with the unexpected. This was evidenced by our provision of an emergency water supply to a manufacturing business who recently faced a loss of potable water. Our swift response ensured they were able to continue their operations and production without issue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have demonstrated our agility with numerous clients, such as a hospital who needed support providing medical gas to an increased number of patients. However, particularly crucial to our ability to add value for clients is our customer-focused use of technology.

WATCH: Nick Romain, Contracts Manager at Veolia UK & Ireland, as he explains how our FM team utilises technological solutions to add value for our customers.

Technological tools paving the way in FM

We employ a range of tools which allow clients to access transparent data; assign work to our expert teams of engineers and operatives; and track, monitor and report on metrics and KPIs. All of these tools are managed within our industry-leading Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system. But how does our use of such tools benefit you?

Firstly, having access to accurate data is crucial for both the client and ourselves to make informed decisions. It allows us to adapt our services to meet your changing requirements, and ensures that everything we do is based on concrete information - enabling us to provide the agile, responsive service we know that facilities need. In addition, our CAFM system is used by our helpdesk team to receive and track tasks, and in turn by our staff, for example engineers and/or cleaners, who use it to update the progress of their activities in real time. This level of communication and transparency means that we can always provide up to date, accurate information about what we are delivering on your contract. Not only this, our CAFM tool helps us to support you with your compliance requirements, as it gives us a more efficient way to build and monitor our Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule.

How can Veolia benefit your business?

Veolia's FM team provides a range of hard and soft services, including self-delivered services such as HVAC and fabric maintenance. 

Our Industrial Facilities Management service manages the risks and responsibilities of keeping your operations safe, compliant and productive.


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