Businesses want sustainable FM - and we can deliver

On this year's World FM Day, you may have seen our LinkedIn poll, asking businesses and organisations how their FM providers can offer the greatest impact over the next five years. A huge majority (72%) of respondents chose sustainability as their priority.

This result is unsurprising, as many organisations are currently on a journey towards becoming more sustainable. With Net Zero targets drawing ever closer, plus mounting pressure from more environmentally conscious consumers, many organisations have already started making changes. But how can your FM provider fit into your plans to make your business greener?

Considering FM alongside other areas

Organisations often look towards areas such as utilities in the first instance when thinking about improving sustainability. Utilising renewable energy, minimising waste and improving recycling rates can all help you become greener and reduce your carbon footprint. However, taking a joined up approach - and thinking about how FM can support all areas of your organisation - can help you become more sustainable across all your operations.

With buildings accounting for around 45% of the UK's CO2 emissions, finding ways to make your site more efficient can make a big contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. FM can have a key role in this. Veolia's FM team can either directly deliver, or in some cases facilitate and support, projects ranging from smaller ad hoc work, to larger innovations. Centralising operations, and working with a FM provider who can manage projects spanning other areas, also takes the pressure off you beyond sustainability. It ensures a consistent approach to keeping your organisation safe, compliant and efficient, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Our Industrial Facilities Management service manages the risks and responsibilities of keeping your operations safe, compliant and productive.

Going green with Veolia's FM team

Firstly, implementing a Building Management System (BMS) - or optimising an existing one - can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your site, by regulating heating and cooling systems. Reviewing and monitoring temperature control systems in this way not only offers environmental benefits, it also delivers cost efficiencies. Giving you greater control means that energy is only being used where necessary, helping you reduce your building's all important carbon footprint. Veolia can support with the installation and ongoing maintenance of a BMS.

Our FM team can also work with you to identify key areas where efficiency can be improved, for example installing solar panels or LED lighting, or even where new infrastructure can be installed, such as electric vehicle charging points. We can take on full project management responsibilities - ensuring anything that is installed works with your space, and advising on ongoing maintenance and renewal of equipment. Veolia offers a 'one stop shop' approach - our FM team can manage projects, and utilise the expertise of other areas of the business to deliver the changes that will help you make real progress towards your sustainability goals.


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