Less than a third of businesses have a Net Zero strategy

How prepared is your business for Net Zero? According to research recently undertaken by Veolia and YouGov, only 29% of UK businesses have a Net Zero strategy in place.

Prioritising decarbonisation

Yet the results of the survey, which went out to just over 1,000 senior business decision makers in the UK, do show some positive indications that we are moving in the right direction. 52% of larger companies (with 250+ employees) already have a Net Zero strategy, with 80% of those feeling very confident that they will achieve their goals. In addition, 56% of those who have a strategy in place have set a dedicated budget for their decarbonisation activities.

Low confidence in low carbon plans

Despite some positive findings from the survey, there is clearly a lot of work to be done to make sure all businesses in the UK are on the road to Net Zero. In addition to the low number of companies who have a strategy in place, lack of confidence is a major barrier to decarbonisation, with 42% of businesses feeling overwhelmed by the steps they need to take to reach Net Zero. Many are also aware of the pressure to take action on their business's carbon footprint, with 61% of larger companies feeling that their reputation would be negatively affected if they failed to commit to achieving their carbon targets.

What do we need to do now?

Though many businesses may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of implementing a Net Zero strategy, now is the time to start assessing your current carbon footprint, and identifying where changes can start to be made - even small changes. For some companies, the most daunting aspect of this process may be getting a clear picture of their current environmental performance. Veolia offers a tool called Greenpath which can support with this, by accurately measuring emissions and resource use. Once we have the data, we can then match up your business's areas for improvement with a range of our services, which are designed to decarbonise processes, reduce costs and mitigate climate impact.

The services we offer span waste, energy, water and more, and can support you to reduce your carbon footprint across a variety of areas. By providing low carbon energy solutions, circular waste treatment options or sustainable wastewater treatment, we are a supplier who can also help you to reduce scope 3 carbon emissions, as well as your direct scope 1 and 2 emissions. For those businesses who are lacking confidence when it comes to creating and implementing a Net Zero strategy, Veolia can act as a safe pair of hands on two levels: by supporting you to evaluate your current environmental performance and build a plan accordingly; and by providing low-carbon solutions which can help you to reach your decarbonisation targets.

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