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Knowing and understanding your customer is the single most important part of any business. Combined with trust and transparency, these are the building blocks for a successful partnership.

So it's imperative that your supplier understands your exact needs, in order to best support your business.

Choosing the perfect partner

A trusted, focused and dedicated partner that speaks the same language as you is critical to ensuring your needs are understood and met. By working with suppliers with high levels of experience and knowledge, you are ensuring that both you and your customers receive the best possible service. In a highly competitive marketplace where you have an endless selection of potential service providers, it can be difficult to choose the right long-term partner. And when you select a supplier, how do you know you have made the correct choice and that you are putting your trust in a safe pair of hands?

Not only does Veolia's FM customer account management team have some of the best waste management and recycling knowledge and capability in the industry, we also ensure this dedicated team has prior FM experience, so that we understand your requirements and can best meet the needs of you and your customers. Our approach delivers a single point of contact for your organisation, ensuring that enquiries are dealt with swiftly, delivering the best possible service to you and your customer. By choosing the right partner, you can be confident that you will never have to deal with an issue on behalf of your supplier.

What’s the key to effective and efficient operations? In our experience, it’s people, expertise and communication. And many of our customers agree.

A safe pair of hands

As providers of essential services to your clients, it's imperative that you have immediate contact with your suppliers, and that you can get the results you need - when you need. At Veolia, our dedicated account management team is focused on your requirements, so you can rest assured that everything is in capable and reliable hands. What's more, accessing our Customer Hub ensures that information relating to your account is readily available.

Your Account Manager is supported by our Customer Experience Team who will make your non-core processes more transparent, and to ensure there is always support available. Our team also works to identify where savings can be made across your customers' waste management processes, to deliver financial benefits as well as efficiency improvements. Working with an experienced, trustworthy company like Veolia will ensure peace of mind that your customers' sites are adhering to strict waste management regulations, and that security of supply is guaranteed. Our FM clients consider Veolia ‘a safe pair of hands’ that takes away the stress, and allows them to focus on their core FM business activities - you could too.

It can be challenging to remain on top of legislation updates. Our teams handle developments for you and ensure you fulfill your mandatory requirements.


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