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Account Management You Can Trust

What’s the key to effective and efficient operations? In our experience, it’s people, expertise and communication.

And many of our customers agree. When you can have honest, open discussions about the challenges that you’re facing, it’s easier to find a solution. It also instils trust and creates a strong partnership that you can really depend on to support your operation. 

But with a lack of communication and transparency, it often results in a weak relationship that reduces your productivity, stifles innovation, and adds to the complications of running your operations.



At Veolia, we have a simple solution. We create account management plans with an innovation log between you and your dedicated account manager. It’s effective for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you to put forward new ideas that could improve your operations - anything from quick wins to blue-sky thinking. This gives your account manager clear goals that they can work towards and a transparent plan which everyone is aware of. Secondly, this allows you to easily monitor progress and keep a close eye on how the contract is performing, giving you the information you need when you're thinking about contract renewals.


At Veolia, we are keen to provide you with the information you need all of the time - not just when a contract is coming up for renewal. With our Customer Hub technology, you are able to easily access data relating to performance and sustainability, enabling you to make informed decisions. This speeds up processes and reduces handling time, helping you to improve productivity. Our Customer Hub also allows you to see all the details of your partnership with Veolia in one place, access your billing information and even live chat with a member of our team. We see clear communication and transparency as integral to a successful partnership, and our Customer Hub allows you to remain completely in the loop about how Veolia is benefitting your business.


There’s no doubt that clear communication leads to more effective collaboration. It gives you a solid foundation to build better relationships on trust and understanding. So when it comes to decision making, you’ll be confident you’re investing time and resources in your waste operations and treatment infrastructure to benefit your courier and logistics business in the best way possible. Effective communication allows your account manager to fully understand your needs.

Did you know that our commercial customers without a Direct Debit can now pay their invoices securely via our Customer Hub?


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