Veolia and Haringey Council charging on with electric innovations in Wood Green

Veolia, the UK’s leading environmental solutions company, is working with Haringey Council to co-design sustainable solutions in collaboration with residents.
Veolia Haringey Electric Innovations

The Golden Mile of North London, as Wood Green is sometimes referred to, will soon be seeing electric-powered equipment cleaning up the area.

Working in consultation with the residents who live there, Veolia and Haringey Council are introducing a new waste collection vehicle and electric-powered barrows that will reduce emissions and improve street cleansing operations.

A new electric cage tipper, set to be deployed on the main roads in Wood Green, will primarily be used to collect bags of waste from flats above shops but also to clean litter bins, remove wet fly-posting and certain types of graffiti.

Three barrows, used by the borough’s street-cleansing operatives, are set to be upgraded to electric powered models in a UK first for Veolia. These will significantly improve the capacity of the team as they are less labour intensive to manoeuvre so the crews cleaning the streets of Haringey should be able to cover a wider area in a shorter time span.

These additions to Veolia Haringey’s waste management operations can all be charged using a 240V power socket.

Paul Peters, Senior Contracts Manager for Veolia in Haringey said: “At Veolia, we strive not only towards an improved recycling rate but also towards a greener and safer future for all. We are proud to continue supporting our partner, Haringey Council, on their ambitious journey to achieve Net Zero by 2041.”

Veolia Haringey Electric Innovations

Cllr Chandwani, Cabinet Member for Resident Services & Tackling Inequality said: “By actively engaging with our residents and businesses, we’ve noticed a strong sense of pride in Wood Green – an area which hosts one of the busiest high streets in London.

“Wood Green is a vibrant hub and is home to a wide range of shops, restaurants, a great library and a popular youth centre. Our investment in new electronic cleansing equipment will enhance our efforts to ensure Wood Green continues to attract thousands of shoppers and visitors each week.

“Maintaining Wood Green’s cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere is essential for local employment as well as sustaining our broader economy. In turn, this will ensure residents both near and far see Wood Green as a place they want to live, shop, work and play.”