Oil & gas

Optimising performance and reducing downtime for oil and gas.
Oil rig in the sea

Optimising performance and reducing
operational downtime for the oil and gas sector

Price volatility continues to cause the oil and gas sector a number of financial challenges. Optimising asset performance, ensuring the security of supply, maintaining health and safety and environmental compliance, while boosting returns continue to be a priority.

Reducing downtime and extending the life of assets

Our customers save time and money thanks to our cutting-edge industrial cleaning solutions which have extended the life of their assets, reducing downtime and ensuring safety comes first as they navigate a challenging environment.

Finding efficiencies

We understand that the oil and gas sector needs long-term solutions that can reduce overheads and operating costs. Solutions with transparent reporting to demonstrate the real value, in both financial and carbon terms, are an absolute must.

Reducing operational costs, increasing cash flow and boosting health and safety

Many oil and gas companies have now adapted to operate at $50 per barrel. We can help to provide a reliable supply of cost-effective utilities, managing waste and providing exceptional industrial services - while alleviating pressure on the bottom line.

At one UK petrochemical site we helped to save £1.2 million a year using automatic pressurised water jetting to reduce downtime for cleaning by 70%

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The Veolia Operations Board has been implemented during recent BP TAR events and has improved BP visibility of activities, particularly around confined space entry for our permit teams. This allows our permit and safety teams to work more efficiently when receiving live activity and resource updates via the system.
Craid Gregson
Turnaround Contracts Lead, BP


Oil & Gas

Our Autoxox Technology for water jetting up to 130,000 mof water jetting through automation reduces job duration by 45%