Aerial Inspection Services

Reduce the cost of inspections at height
and in confined spaces with an Aerial Inspection

Inspections in confined spaces and at height can be a significant cost to your business, as well as the associated risks to health and safety. Our Aerial Inspection Service completely eliminate these risks, dramatically reducing planning, time and costs.

How we can help

Our Aerial Inspection Service can accurately identify maintenance requirements and monitor your site environments remotely, without the cost of equipment usually associated with regular inspections. It’s a professional and compliant service that is supported by a dedicated team, including a Civil Aviation Authority accredited pilot and full ground crew.

The team can plan and carry out a wide range of remote visual and thermographic inspections using a high definition zoom camera and video to capture detail in 4K that is available to review in real time. This can then be used for analysis and to develop 3-D mapping models with 3mm accuracy.

How do we create value for you?

The Aerial Inspection Service reduces the cost of building, site and stack inspections, site surveillance and monitoring at height. It also supports predictive and condition-based maintenance, providing added-value management data that will enable you can carry out rapid analysis and remedial action.

The service removes the need for costly lifting equipment, rigging, scaffolding and traffic management whenever you require an inspection. It also mitigates risks by reducing the need for working at height and for man-entry into confined or hazardous spaces.

Find out how you could benefit from our Aerial Inspection Service. 

Within 12 months we've saved customers 150 days through reduced inspection time, generating £85,000 SAVINGS

Reduces cost of inspection, site surveillance and monitoring at  height

Reduce the risks associated with man entry into confined and hazardous spaces

Removes the need for lifting equipment, rigging, scaffolding and traffic management