Cogeneration Solutions for Biogas Producers

Fully carbon neutral CHP plants

Our CHP plants can be made fully carbon neutral when they are fuelled by Biogas instead of mains gas.

Biogas is derived from the natural breakdown of organic matter and utilising it as a fuel has a double environmental benefit - it is a carbon neutral fuel providing the same advantages as mains gas fired CHP, and it saves the release of the biogas to the atmosphere where it is potentially more harmful to the environment.


Water industry

The water industry can benefit from increased use of cogeneration to improve energy efficiency.

Water industry operations are relatively energy intensive. They require large amounts of energy for pumping, water treatment and waste management giving rise to greenhouse gas emissions of around 4 million tonnes. Veolia CHPs can help by increasing the use of low carbon and renewable energy. This is achieved mainly through significant investment in CHP that uses biogas from the anaerobic digestion of sludge.

Many water companies have increased renewable energy generation to offset the impacts of increased energy prices, to use their resources (e.g. sludge) as efficiently as possible, and to increase revenue through the sale of Renewable Obligation Certificates on renewable electricity sold. By harnessing energy management and CHP project skills developed on over 600 UK customer sites, Veolia is committed to helping deliver these long term benefits.

Anaerobic digestion

This fuel can be used to generate electricity for export or injected directly to the main gas network.

In either scenario, CHP can be utilised to generate electricity with the  heat produced recycled into the anaerobic digestion process.

With the UK government's 2020 renewable energy target in mind, incentives such as the Feed in Tariff (Fit) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are  available, improving the return on your investment.

Through advanced engine technology, Veolia offer some of the most efficient Biogas engines currently available,  maximising the value of your Biogas both financially and environmentally.