Cogeneration Solutions for Business


Efficient low carbon heat and electricity for a wide range of businesses

Today over 600 sites benefit from Veolia’s CHP solutions. These deliver efficient low carbon heat and electricity that meets the needs of a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors.


Veolia CHP technology gives consistent and stable electricity and heat supplyEnergy costs, supply stability and environmental performances are key factors for the success of today’s industry.

To remain competitive while maintaining quality and output, you need expert help in your vital energy and utility supply chain. CHP can help meet your energy and utility needs and deliver cost, environmental and corporate responsibility benefits.

Working with Veolia you benefit from our experience gained from working on over 4,000 industry sites – we know your sector, understand your business challenges and can provide the industry-leading CHP solutions.

We can integrate CHP with multi-utility provision for your site using our energy centre approach.


Leisure centres with indoor sports facilities rely on good efficient and stable heating, electricity and cooling delivery to maintain the indoor environmental conditions for the benefit of their customers. Swimming pools also have a continuous demand for heat, hot water and electricity.

Legislation and environmental policies endeavour to minimise negative effects on the environment and achieve sustainable development – this also needs to meet the Energy Certificates EPC/DEC required under legislation.

Veolia can provide energy solutions including CHP that can maximise the energy efficiency and guarantee the indoor environment for the benefit of leisure centre users. 


Maintaining a good customer environment is a driving factor in maintaining business

Combining the needs of energy efficiency, customer experience and controlling costs is Veolia’s area of expertise. Over 120 UK hotels already benefit from our approach to energy solutions that guarantees efficient heating, cooling and electricity and cuts your costs and maintenance overheads. 

Retail and logistics

Leading retailers like Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda are already using Veolia CHPs in their stores and distribution centres.

Already serving major UK supermarket chains Veolia can bring you the benefits of on-site electricity, heating and cooling generation that reduces costs, CO2 emissions and enhance the environmental profile of your organisation.

The carbon footprint of products is becoming increasingly important as retailers seek to demonstrate their ethical and sustainable supply chains.