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Mid Breich Farm

Soil improvement

High-quality crop yield for Mid Breich
farm following corrective soil treatment

Mid Breich Farm is a mixed arable farm that grows grass and cereals in West Calder.

The challenge

A good-quality balanced soil is essential to return healthy high-yielding crops from modern arable farming activities.
With the yellowing of the spring barley crop, the farmer wanted to check the soil condition and apply some corrective
treatment to improve the quality of the crop.

The solution

Working with the farmer, Veolia’s expert team assessed soil sample to determine the cause of the yellowing of the crop. The  results from the soil sample highlighted low pH.

The farmer contacted Veolia to discuss the products available to resolve the pH imbalance. To solve the problem, our expert team recommended distributing the BioCal granular lime at a rate of 500kg (2-5ml granule size) – that was proven to spread well over the target area using the existing on-farm fertiliser spreading equipment.

Veolia’s products are made by using high-quality calcium carbonate which quickly alleviates soil acidity. The standalone
limestone product is called BioCal. There are also various other combinations of limestone with trace elements, such as copper (CopperCal) and lime with cobalt and selenium.

Within three weeks, the yellowing of the crop transformed into a healthy green colour and regained its vigour. As a result, the crop flourished for the rest of the season and, when harvested in September, was of high quality.

Value delivered

Veolia’s expert advice identified the problem and used a high-quality and natural material to transform the health, quality and yield of the crop. This also avoided the use of synthetic products and provided an economic solution to maintain output and quality.

Do you have a challenge similar to Mid Breich Farm?

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