Veolia UK | Decommissioning and demolition


With our extensive network of services, we can provide turn-key onshore and offshore decontamination, decommissioning and waste disposal services that comply with the highest standards.

Developing new processes that are more efficient can often make your existing plant and facilities redundant creating space for decommissioning, but this new need can also present a real challenge.

Onshore Decommissioning

Our service gives you access to the competence, skills and experience of an industry-leading decommissioning service. We can tackle minor or complex decommissioning, scrap processing and asset recovery for you.

Decommissioning operations need a thorough and precise assessment of facility conditions together with defining the decommissioning strategy. A risk-based approach is used to control the initial plant investigations and the future control and execution of the works.

Offshore Decommissioning

Oil and gas structures in the North Sea are reaching the end of their operational life and require safe removal. To meet this new environmental and technical challenge, Veolia has developed a comprehensive service to dismantle these structures, with a strong focus on health and safety.

We have a wealth of engineering expertise in providing environmental decommissioning solutions, including the decontamination and deconstruction of structures, waste management and environmental services. As the disposal contractor, we are able to offer a solution for every decommissioning strategy, whether it be Piece Small, Reverse Installation or Single Lift.