Cogeneration Solutions for Energy Consultants

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Supporting energy consultants to design CHP solutions meeting your customer's needs


As a consultant you need to have the right CHP engineering support to ensure you can implement your clients projects effectively. When selecting a complex technology you need to be sure that you are giving your customers a solution that will deliver their energy needs reliably. Making that decision relies on understanding their requirements, having the right information, and trusting the CHP partner you select.

We are able to give you access to the market leading CHP design and engineering expertise allowing you to understand the practical realities of CHP operation. Our support teams employ their experiences to ensure every application provides a lifetime of efficient energy supply to a site, and delivers real cost and carbon benefits.

We focus on getting it right – we know that a good CHP is one that is appropriate for the site. Our pre sales service aims to give you the information and advise you need to make the correct choice of CHP and help you understand the practicalities of long term CHP operation.

Our aim is to give you the confidence to design CHP into your project, knowing that Veolia will support you to deliver it successfully. If we think that CHP is the wrong choice for you project we will say so – our reputation relies on us delivering good CHP which truly benefits your clients.