The forces shaping retail water

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Challenges and opportunities for households and businesses

Households and businesses are being given more control over their water supply and costs and there will be more competition in the retail market. This presents both challenges and opportunities.

Since April 2017, customers were able to select their water and sewerage service provider. Also, with smart metering now the norm, customers can see what they’re using in real time, giving them more power to curb spending.

With customers expecting discounted tariffs, e-billing, long term contracts and value added services as the norm, the impetus for water companies to innovate has never been greater.

Market opportunities

Advances in metering and smart networks have the potential to catalyse a step change in intelligent water infrastructure, even in the context of water scarcity. Already, sensors and data analysis systems are able to detect potential leaks before pipes burst, while cloud applications mean that information can be gathered, analysed and monitored remotely in real-time. Mapping this information onto Geographic Information Systems offers an even more accurate view of what is happening across any network, reducing the need for reactive maintenance.

Do you have a challenge that could benefit from resource efficiency and circular economy thinking?


Veolia: unlocking the potential

On behalf of customers, we consolidate network information, automate key processes and analyse trends. This identifies cost savings and efficiencies, as well as opportunities for energy recovery.

Veolia UK | Water 2027 forces shaping retail water

Veolia has teamed up with Scottish Water Business Stream to create a wide ranging retail water market offering for businesses across the UK.

The partnership combines Veolia's global innovation and engineering expertise across water, waste and energy with Business stream's retailing strength, experience and large market presence. This provides business customers with a holistic approach to resource management, a reduced carbon footprint and cost savings.

Towards 2027


Veolia UK | Towards water 2027

By tapping into a wider consumer base, helping shape regulation and harnessing the latest digital systems, retail water companies have the potential to shift the consumer experience in a 2027 economy. To do so, they will need to adopt sustainable strategies to reduce customer use and secure supplies in acting as change agents for sector efficiency improvements.