Hazardous waste collection

Hazardous waste collection

We collect all kinds of hazardous wastes safely and efficiently across the UK, using specialist equipment to transport it for recovery, recycling, and treatment.


Our service complies with the latest hazardous transport legislation and uses advanced technologies to provide real value for money. 


Bulk and packaged hazardous wastes

We provide both bulk tanker collections and drummed and packaged waste collections. Our fleet is strategically located around the UK to offer comprehensive national coverage. 

A team of qualified chemists is on hand to sample and inventory your waste, ensuring you comply with waste identification legislation, before recommending the right recovery, recycling or treatment route.

Small hazardous wastes The Eco-Box* service offers a simple and safe solution for collecting, recycling and treating small items considered as hazardous waste. If you need to take care of items such as aerosols, light bulbs and alkaline batteries you can simply order the Eco-Box* and leave the rest to us.



We can transport all forms of hazardous waste, from sludges to solvents or acids. Our 2000 to 5000 gallon capacity rigid and articulated tankers include mild steel, acid resistant, stainless steel and spark arrested solvent vehicles that feature the latest self-loading vacuum technology.

Advanced safety equipment and intensive staff training ensure your waste is collected and transported with care and efficiency.

Drummed wastes

A fleet of curtainsiders collect drummed and packaged waste. Services range from one-off removal of laboratory materials to regular consignments of 205 litre drums and 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers.


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