Asbestos Disposal


Easy and reliable solutions for asbestos disposal

Whether a Demolition contractor, waste management company or specialist asbestos removal
organisation, Veolia can offer a compliant and reliable solution for the disposal of all types of asbestos.


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For most types of asbestos, Landfill remains the only viable disposal solution. Whether it be sheets of bonded cement roofing or bagged fibrous lagging, secure disposal at a fully permitted facility is the most appropriate solution for this harmful material.

Our landfill disposal facilities at Ling Hall near Coventry and Whitemoss in Skelmersdale, offer an ideally placed solution for the disposal of asbestos. In addition, both facilities are able to accept soils impacted with asbestos and construction and demolition wastes such as brickwork and concrete that contain asbestos. Both facilities are located on major road networks, can accept single or multiple loads per day in a wide variety of container sizes, and offer speedy turnaround times. In addition, both sites have received asbestos inputs for many years, so are highly experienced in the safe and competent management of this most difficult of wastes, offering you peace of mind that your asbestos is handled in the most compliant manner possible.

Asbestos materials accepted at both Whitemoss and Ling Hall include:

  • Cement bonded sheets
  • Bagged fibrous lagging
  • Soil contaminated with asbestos
  • Brickwork and concrete contaminated with asbestos

Our technical and commercial team will make the whole process as simple as possible, offering useful help and advice. So if you have a project you feel we may be able to help with please let us know by completing the enquiry form.

Whitemoss Landfill Facility
Whitemoss Landfill Facility

How do we create value for you?

Landfill remains the only viable solution for asbestos disposal. Therefore, by using our fully permitted facilities, you can demonstrate that your asbestos has been securely, compliantly, and safely disposed of in accordance with all applicable legislation.

Being able to offer a complete and compliant solution for asbestos disposal as part of your existing portfolio, allows you to compete and win more demolition contracts, more HWRC contracts, more collection contracts, and more asbestos-stripping contracts.


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