Small Quantity Packaged Waste

Compliant Collection of Everyday Workplace Items

For businesses such as retailers, warehouses or SMEs, the world of hazardous waste is a difficult area to navigate with constant law changes and more types of everyday waste becoming hazardous. Our UK wide, small quantity packaged waste collection service, “Ecoservices”, can help you reduce costs whilst guaranteeing compliance every time.

How we can help

Ecoservices mobilise from 6 regional centres around the UK to ensure full coverage and 100% self- delivery to ensure compliance is upheld. Our fleet of 3.5 te, 7.5 te and Ford Transit vans allow us to access all types of premises, ranging from retail outlets to large manufacturing sites.

Our Ecoservices team has the expertise to carry out a detailed audit of all your waste streams. They will be able to identify which, if any, types of hazardous waste you are producing, and in what quantities. They will then be able to recommend suitable storage and segregation solutions to ensure your people and premises stay safe and compliant.

We will conduct a full analysis of your waste streams to provide you with a solution that is tailored to your exact business needs. This will include the most appropriate containers for your waste:

  • ECO-BOX*– our most convenient and cost-effective solution for storing a mixture of the most common types of hazardous waste, avoiding the requirement for waste segregation.
  • Various sizes of drums
  • Fluorescent tube storage
  • Containers

Once the waste is ready for collection, a simple call will mobilise the vehicle within a convenient timescale to collect the waste and either remove it all or exchange the containers for new storage.


Ecoservices Capability Document

Ecoservices capability doc


Veolia Product Recall Document

How do we create value for you?

This type of collection service is quick and simple to allow businesses to carry on with their main purpose and leave the waste collections to the experts. Thanks to our nationwide fleet of dedicated vehicles, we have the capacity to collect your hazardous waste as and when required. This eliminates the need for a fixed hazardous waste contract, which for some businesses could prove to be costly. So with Veolia’s Ecoservices, you can simultaneously minimise hazardous waste costs and maximise safety. Veolia seeks to provide a bespoke service for each individual customer in order to ensure it suits your needs. This includes a completed Consignment Note (a legal document) which will be left on the premises to ensure that when audited, you can prove you have dealt with your hazardous waste compliantly.



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