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Operating Without Fossil Fuels

The future of energy supply is in the balance, and addressing it requires a profound change.

After nationwide blackouts this summer, and with the accelerated closure of older carbon and nuclear-fuelled stations, businesses are now not only focused on energy renewability but also its reliability.

By law, all coal-fired generation is set to end by 2025. This distancing from dated and more environmentally harmful means of producing energy through fossil fuels, has opened up a gap for newer and more eco-friendly technologies to enter the scene.  

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Recent policy and bills, including the Environment Bill and the Resource and Waste Strategy, have all pointed in the same direction: energy use needs a profound change from business. 

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 So the UK have developed an integrated national energy climate plan which includes 5 key pillars:

  1. Energy Security

  2. Energy Efficiency

  3. Decarbonisation

  4. Internal Energy Market

  5. Research, Innovation and Competitiveness

Businesses need to embrace all 5 of these pillars.

38% of Energy Managers said they had suffered a loss of supply due to either grid failure or lack of site infrastructure.

Over 68% of energy managers are either very concerned or concerned about the reliability and security of their energy supply. 

50% of the senior decision-makers believe the UK is heading towards an energy crisis.

What can be done about this?

In order to help the UK meet their energy targets we need to act now. There needs to be the right domestic infrastructure in place to generate this renewable energy. Veolia already uses food waste and wastewater at a variety of plants in the UK to produce energy. We offer 24/7 technical expertise and management for our combined heat and power processes at sites like Rosehill Recycling. Annually through our energy activities we achieve 400,000 tonnes of CO2 reductions for customers through efficient on-site generation of low carbon and renewable electricity, heat and cooling. Let us do more for you!