Preparing for a greener post-Covid future

Preparing for a greener post-Covid future

As 2021 draws closer, and with it, the hope that we can come out of the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time to think about preparing your business for a new, greener approach.

Although the pandemic has had many damaging effects, it has presented us with an opportunity to rebuild in a more environmentally friendly way and take a fresh look at our processes. What should be your business's sustainability priorities?

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Implementing the waste hierarchy should be at the forefront of your business's mind. Reducing the amount of waste you produce will help you achieve zero to landfill targets and minimise disposal costs. Similarly, reusing what you can will close the loop within your business and help you instil a circular economy.

For waste that can't be avoided, recycling is of course crucial. Efficient segregation of waste is key to increasing recycling quantities, as it reduces the volume that ends up in general waste and allows different materials to follow individual recycling routes. We can even help you recycle difficult to treat items or find ways to turn your recycled materials into new products that will benefit your business.

Two green footprints

Reducing your carbon footprint

Carbon reduction is more than likely already high on your agenda, but as we hopefully move out of the pandemic, it will be the perfect opportunity to review your carbon reduction strategy, to ensure that you are prepared for Net-Zero. This could be implementing small changes within your business, for example, installing smart lighting solutions or improving water efficiency.

On a larger scale, now could be the time to think about implementing an overall Zero Carbon Strategy, which can take into account all areas of your business and enable you to make high-level decisions about where changes can be made to reduce emissions. An overall strategy gives you the opportunity to analyse your business's data and develop solutions accordingly.


Reinstate best practice

As staff eventually head back into the office or workplace, for some perhaps after a long break, it's important to reinstate best practice and ensure that everyone is contributing to your business's sustainability goals. This could mean reminding everyone of the correct way to dispose of different items or re-educating staff on how smart systems can be used most effectively, for example, heating or lighting.

Our forward-thinking solutions

Veolia has a portfolio of solutions which are designed to help you become more sustainable, by looking at all the different areas of your business. If you need advice on reducing your carbon footprint, minimising waste or any other area, get in touch with our team today.

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