Debunking the Recycling Myths of Today

cartoon litter

Recycle and become accountable. We’re continuously told that we must recycle our waste to ensure we combat the ongoing effects of the climate crisis.

However, we’re rarely told the need to knows about recycling. This insight will dispel your waste myths and provide recycling tips to help us understand what we can and can’t do when it comes to recycling our waste.

Play your part in recycling

Recycling is yet to be a perfect process, but we owe it to our planet to adopt the best available solutions and continue to develop more effective ones.

In our fight against climate change, recycling is a crucial solution to reduce the amount of waste being deposited in landfill. Therefore it’s important that we are informed of how we can best play our part and recycle in the most efficient way possible.

Now you know the answers to the myths let’s educate those around us and protect the world we call our home.


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