Taking the stress out of Facilities Management

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Managing various suppliers for different on-site services can be time-consuming and complicated - not to mention costly.

Yet delivering FM services yourself can create a huge extra workload outside of your core business activities. Why not put your trust in one reliable supplier?


The cost and complication of managing multiple suppliers

Appointing several different providers to look after different FM services, although it may seem like a cheaper option, can cause stress for three reasons. Dealing with many different points of contact can make it harder to align all service areas; you have to expend more effort in ensuring that each supplier is working at the same high standards; and crucially, it can end up costing you more. Likewise, managing the delivery of on-site services internally can detract from your business focusing on value add activities, and there can be more worry about managing risk and ensuring compliance when there is a lack of FM expertise. If your business has multiple sites, or even operates across multiple countries, the problem is exacerbated.


Why choose Veolia to manage your FM services?

With a range of FM services to our name, Veolia can take care of several different areas (alongside waste, energy, and water), meaning you only need to liaise with one point of contact. These service areas include both hard services, such as energy management and critical asset and infrastructure maintenance, and soft services, such as front of house and laboratory support services. Our range of on-site services also includes Total Waste Management (TWM), a service that enables us to embed labour on your site to ensure the complete management of all waste streams, along with the knowledge required to unlock value from your waste. This unique combination of dedicated on-site waste management and a wide range of other FM services makes us extremely well-positioned to support your business's overall needs.

With only one point of contact for multiple service areas, you will have greater visibility and understanding of the value being delivered. Utilising one expert provider offers cost benefits, as our holistic view enables us to identify areas for potential savings, as well as the long-term value that comes from efficient energy management, critical asset maintenance and more. Although putting your trust in one FM provider may feel like a leap of faith, our experience of delivering GMP-compliant, technical in-house solutions can give you peace of mind that you're dealing with a safe pair of hands.


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