Water and wastewater treatment: is yours fit for purpose?


Water is a valuable resource and a key area to focus on when thinking about making your business more sustainable. Improving water and wastewater treatment processes will benefit your environmental impact, as well as making your site more efficient and saving you money.

Time to change?

The UK chemical industry has been well established for many years. Many businesses therefore operate from traditional production facilities, where the water and wastewater treatment plants may not have been significantly altered for several decades. With tightening discharge consents, BREF guidance updates, and new international sustainability agreements pushing businesses towards Net Zero carbon targets, now is a good time to reassess your water and wastewater management strategy.

Understanding your operation

With over 150 years' experience of the operation of water treatment plants, Veolia knows that every site is different. Understanding your individual site requirements - water usage, effluent quality and variance - will allow us to identify areas for improvement. Evaluating plants and processes that are not working efficiently, enables us to identify cost savings to benefit your bottom line.

Veolia can work in partnership with you to deliver a sitewide audit of your water and wastewater operations. This enables us to identify and propose best-fit solutions based on your individual requirements, ranging from technical support services to full turnkey treatment plant delivery with total operation and maintenance.

Environmental benefits

Improvements to your water and wastewater management can help you reach your sustainability goals. Auditing your site and getting to know your business enables us to support these goals, by reducing water usage and identifying opportunities for recovery and reuse processes. We can look at the various ways in which water fits into your business's operations - from being used in boilers or heated reaction vessels, to the effluent that is produced. Using this information, we can then make recommendations to drive improvements in environmental performance and sustainability.

High strength wastewaters, for example, can often be used to create renewable energy via anaerobic conversion of the organic compounds to methane (biogas). This biogas may be used in a CHP to generate electricity and heat, used in existing boilers with some burner modifications; or, with some further processing, even sold into the gas national network.

A solution for you

There is no one size fits all solution - Veolia's experience and expertise give us the tools to identify solutions that fit your business. This could range from a small tweak to a radical change to technology or operations, in which case our operations and maintenance capabilities can support you. Whatever the solution, we can help you to make your site more efficient, safe and sustainable.


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