The Government's 25-year Environment Plan

Our Regulatory Affairs Director, Ray Parmenter, takes a look at the potential impacts of the Government's 25-year Environment Plant, waste crime and revisions to European Legislation. Find out how these changes could impact you.

Our Regulatory Affairs Director, Ray Parmenter, takes a look at the potential impacts of the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan, waste crime and revisions to European legislation. Find out how these changes could impact you.

Environmental regulation is constantly changing - we have an expert team led by our External Affairs Director, Ray Parmenter to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments. These include new policy direction from Government in the form of the 25 Year Environment Plan, and consultations on waste crime and a review of charges.

The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan

The long-awaited 25 Year Environment Plan was published in February; it pledged to:

  • Eliminate avoidable waste by 2050
  • Create richer habitats for wildlife
  • Improve air and water quality.
  • Reduce plastics waste

With the current focus on plastic waste and its impact on marine life, the Government plans to eliminate avoidable plastic waste by 2042 with a four point plastic strategy that will reduce the amount of plastic waste, reduce the types of plastic in circulation, make plastic more recyclable and make sure that more of that recycling is done here in the UK.

The European Commission also introduced the first Europe-wide strategy for plastics in January, which aims to protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst fostering growth and innovation.

We continue to invest in innovative circular solutions to the plastics problem, including our Rainham and Dagenham specialist plastics facilities which enable us to recycle more plastic in the UK and Europe, reducing pressure on the oceans.

Defra Consultation on Waste Crime

Defra has published their third consultation on waste crime, which will look at raising the standards of operator competence across all permitted waste sites and re-examining some exemptions, with a view to their removal or change. It also contains proposals to require all exempt sites to keep better records for inspection, lowering the storage limits of exemptions, and prohibiting exemptions and permits operating concurrently. The consultation closes on the 26th March 2018.
The Environment Agency (EA) Strategic Review of Charges (SRoC)

The EA launched its long awaited SRoC Consultation in early December 2017, which put forward proposals to ensure that all of their charging regimes fully recover the cost of regulation in a fair and transparent way. The review goes beyond just waste and includes all permitted activities, from chemicals to pig farming, as well as charges for WEEE, COMAH and EU-ETS. This consultation closes on the 26th January 2018.