Cogeneration Solutions for the Public Sector

Out side of a building

Supporting the public sector on their commitment to reducing carbon emissions

In the public sector, where a strong commitment to reduce carbon footprints is combined with the need for cost-effectiveness, we can provide the longterm CO2 reducing solutions for many civic community and residential buildings.

By addressing sustainability and urban regeneration issues we can give you a long term way of managing the energy needs for the communities you serve.


Balancing today’s needs for providing the best possible healthcare and maintaining the complex infrastructures needed to achieve the best patient outcomes is a challenge faced by every healthcare service.

New environmental targets and energy legislation mean that resources, and often investment, are vital to enable healthcare facilities to benefit from modern energy efficient CHP technologies.

Veolia can help hospitals meet the Carbon Reduction Strategy, cut costs and demonstrate sustainability and good corporate responsibility. Energy efficiency and financial performance are key factors in achieving these long-term goals and help redirect resources into patient care.

By using our expertise in CHP, hospitals now have an easy way to meet these challenges and benefit from greater efficiency, cost savings and improved environmental performance.



Universities, Colleges, and Schools need to provide the best educational and development environment and focus their budgets on the primary role of education.

The application of CHP can assist in your commitment to the protection of the environment and help make your campus into a genuine green icon through a Carbon Management Implementation Plan, including energy conservation projects.

This can include the application of CHP or biomass systems to provide electricity and heating/cooling and maximising energy efficiency to lower your campus carbon footprint. And reduce your costs and boost green credentials.

This is why a growing number of campuses are adopting Veolia’s energy approach for supporting the learning environment – see the Award winning University of Warwick CHP trigeneration scheme.