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Residential Heating Customers

What is a District Heating Scheme? (DHS)

A District Heating Scheme is a central heating system on a district/community scale. A hidden insulated piping network delivers domestic hot water from a single centralised production source (boiler in the boiler house) to the apartments connected to the network. The primary network transports the heated water from the boiler house to a substation or satellite unit located near the customer residence. From this substation, the heat is transported to the end User. All domestic hot water (showers and taps) and space heating requirements (radiators) are met by this energy efficient and reliable source.

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The Benefits of a District Heating System

A district heating system is very reliable for many reasons due to professional operation and continuous monitoring of heat production and distribution. It also provides:


Quality heating and domestic hot water

  • Assurance of a comfortable, abundant and consistent heat supply
  • Guarantee of continuous supply and dedicated energy management


Peaceful and safe living space

  • No boiler, no fuel, no odours, no noise
  • Facility maintained by a dedicated team of energy management engineers & technicians
  • Proven track record in terms of reliability, efficiency and quality assurance
  • The water in the network is continually circulating and therefore is always available to the householder 24/7


A Greener Environment

  • No gas supply to the apartment – means a cleaner living i.e. reduction of emissions to the environment