Residential Heating Customers

What is a District Heating Scheme? (DHS)

District Heating Schemes are a low carbon and environmentally-friendly way to heat buildings. Instead of homes having individual gas boilers heating the property, there is one central energy source providing heating and hot water to all. Heat is delivered into each property through a hot water system via a network of insulated pipes.

Veolia has been appointed as the operator and sole supplier of heat to a number of developments. If you are a resident on one of our schemes your home will be fitted with a Heating Interface Unit (HIU) which transfers the heat from our pipe network into your home. This HIU is connected to room thermostats and programmers giving you full control of your heating and hot water usage.

The Benefits of a District Heating System

Clean and green

Low carbon
This system uses considerably less energy when compared to individual gas boilers, giving off fewer carbon emissions. Currently district heating and heat networks reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions by approximately one million tonnes per year. This means buildings connected to a District Heating Scheme help to improve local air quality.

District Heating Schemes can operate through a range of low carbon fuel sources including natural gas, and renewable energies such as biomass and energy captured from waste.

Safe and reliable

Round-the-clock supply
Our skilled engineers monitor the network 24-hours a day and are there to assist with any issues that may arise.

Safer System
Because the system runs on hot water (meaning no gas is entering the property), annual gas boiler safety checks aren't required

More efficient
Due to the higher efficiency of the system compared to stand-alone systems, more useful energy is produced, meaning less fuel is used. A typical property on a District Heating Scheme will on average consume 35% less energy than a conventional gas boiler system.