Secure Destruction

Veolia UK | Secure destruction

Safe and compliant secure destruction for highly sensitive and confidential waste streams

When the requirement for confidential destruction arises, we understand the importance of your peace of mind in maintaining total confidentiality, from the collection through to the comprehensive removal of your product or documentation.

A totally secure process

Our ISO accredited secure destruction facilities offer a safe and secure way of removing a wide variety of products, goods and documentation. Typically arising from:

  • Product recalls
  • Inferior quality products
  • Document destruction
  • Data destruction
  • Out of date products
  • Damaged stock
  • Incorrectly labelled products
  • Obsolete products
  • Liquid waste

Our secure destruction service includes 24-hour CCTV closely monitoring all areas of the secure destruction site and the movement of confidential waste through our specialist facility from delivery to destruction. You have the option to witness the destruction of your product or documentation first hand, or we can video record the destruction for your records. A certificate of destruction is also always issued to offer you further assurance.

We already work with a number of businesses across many sectors, here are some of the types of companies that we currently work with:

  • Warehousing & distribution companies
  • Government agencies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • IT and storage media
  • Branded consumer goods manufacturers

Safe, and environmentally sound

Recycling and recovery can help to minimise your environmental impact while maintaining total confidentiality. Wherever possible, we will reclaim the packaging material from the waste, including steel, aluminium, glass, cardboard wood and plastic.

Eliminating the hassle, risk and uncertainty of difficult to dispose of and unknown waste from your site.
For secure destruction of hazardous, non-hazardous, low-level radioactive and confidential materials.
We collect all kinds of hazardous wastes safely and efficiently across the UK, using specialist equipment to transport it for treatment.