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Recycling and Waste Collections
to help local authority budgets go further

Providing effective collections to meet recycling and sustainability targets is not easy during times of austerity. Our recycling and waste collections can help your budget go further, reducing disposal costs and increasing your local authority recycling rates.

How we can help

Local authorities have a duty to collect and dispose of residents’ waste to comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We can work with you to deliver a cost-effective service that deals with your waste in a safe and compliant way.

Our kerbside collections cover general waste, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper, cans and metals, food waste and garden waste. We can also provide additional services such as fly-tipping removal or the collection of white goods. All waste streams will be dealt with in the most environmentally-responsible way.

How do we create value for you?

By recycling as much waste as possible, we can help you to increase recycling rates and reduce landfill disposal costs. We will also benchmark your contract against other local authorities to determine ways to maximise the efficiency of our services, through initiatives such as route optimization and vehicle tracking.

With our expertise in Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) and Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) we can also work with you to design, build and operate your own waste infrastructure.

What happens to your recycling and waste?

Wherever possible, we will give your waste a new life by recycling it to create new materials or by using it to generate green energy. We always comply with best practice when handling and disposing of your waste to meet your social responsibility goals and reduce the impact you and your residents have on the environment.

Find out how we recently helped a local authority client realise environmental and financial savings, through innovative service changes.


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