About Veolia

How Veolia supports the public and private

Veolia is the UK’s leading resource management company specialising in the waste, water and energy sectors. We are experts in using waste as a resource and by doing so, we are resourcing the world and helping to realise a sustainable future. 

As part of this, Veolia’s 15,000 employees provide a range of services including refuse collection, recycling, composting, waste treatment and street cleansing to over 8 million public and private customers on behalf of public and private sector clients. 

This includes recycling over 2m tonnes of materials a year and Veolia also operates ten composting facilities and another ten high-tech Energy Recovery Facilities in the UK.

These sites represent a vital link in the waste management chain and at the same time reduce the use of fossil fuels, cut emissions of greenhouse gases and lower dependence on landfill. 

Generating enough energy for the National Grid to power over 400,000 homes, these sites are constructed and operated within the highest standards of environmental care.

Resourcing the world