In the community

Creating Social Value
We work hard to maximise the social value we create both directly, as a major employer and taxpayer, and indirectly, as a result of our infrastructure projects. Measuring that value is not always straightforward and we need a consistent way to do it. 

To start looking into the added value we create in our contracts we have used a management framework for measuring a much broader concept of value called Social Return on Investment (SROI).
SROI uses financial proxies for activities which typically do not have a financial value - attributing financial values to things such as wellbeing or crime reduction so that they can be included when we calculate our impact on the communities where we operate.
Our approach is not yet perfect but it’s a start in showing that it’s possible to measure social value, which we hope will inspire others to do the same so that we have a positive impact in our communities. 
We actively encourage our employees to get involved in a wide range of local community and national initiatives.  

All our employees are encouraged to take part in a half day of volunteering every year. Staff can support their local community or a charitable organisation of their choice. This amounts to 7,000 days of voluntary local community work.

If you have a project that you think could benefit from this volunteering then please email -