Circular Economy Case Studies

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Giving waste detergent a gleaming future

Cyclone vehicle wash

Working in partnership with a global consumer-goods company determined to minimise its environmental impact, we have repurposed waste detergent into a high-performance vehicle wash, Cyclone (Traffic Film Remover) TRF.

Following a complete lifecycle inventory of its products, the company recognised the need for a greener way to handle waste detergent and Veolia was determined to deliver a solution.

We realised that although the product had passed its commercial sell-by date, there was no deterioration in the quality of the waste detergent – it simply couldn’t be sold in its current form. So together with our customer, we established a small cleaning products recycling business where the detergent could be repackaged and repurposed into new cleaning solutions.


Cyclone TFR has been trialled for over a year on our Veolia fleet.

Since 2016, our sustainable truck wash is now available for sale to the external market, helping fleets reduce their carbon impact.