Veolia UK _ Can Computer Games Be Recycled

Can computer games be recycled?

We recycle lots of items around our homes every day, however, what about those computer games that you no longer play?

'People Make Game's' Chris Bratt took a look into what happens when you recycle a computer game; including its case, manual and the disc itself.

Like lots of everyday items, the different components within games console packaging such as the different types of plastic and paper - can be complex, leading Chris on a journey to discover what happens when materials arrive at a recycling facility for processing.

The Veolia team, including Richard Kirkman, were happy to help explain just what happens to Chris’s old game after it has arrived at one of our facilities that is designed specifically to ensure we extract as much valuable material for recycling as possible.

Check out the video below:

Please note: Views are People Make Game's own


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