Veolia UK _ Safety Week

Focus On Safety

Be safe at work

Health and Safety at Veolia!

Over the years we've come a long way in our approach to health and safety, and now have a proactive safety culture that we're proud of. Health and Safety is our absolute priority - for our staff, our customer's, and their employees and service users, too. 

What can you do to help promote health and safety? 

Small and frequent changes in the short-term have a lasting impact on you and your workers' safety, and adhering to basic health and safety guidelines save lives and avoids unnecessary accidents in the workplace. 

Want to learn more?

We have put together a short guideline booklet to keeping everyone safe around waste containers and their contents, covering:

  1. Be slip and trip safe
  2. Be housekeeping safe 
  3. Be pedestrian safe
  4. Be weight aware
  5. Be move it safe
  6. Be compaction equipment safe
  7. Be sleeper safe

Download the leaflet: Be Safe at Work
PDF, 4.97 MB, 7 pages