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Improving the health of our waterways with our Interceptor service

Now in its third year, Unblocktober is taking place for the whole month of October.

The campaign encourages us all to be mindful of what we are putting down our drains and flushing down the toilet, to improve the health of our sewers and seas. 
But how can businesses make sure they are playing their part in keeping our waterways healthy?

For those that have surface water interceptors, it's crucial to have these serviced regularly to avoid a build-up of harmful substances, which in turn can cause issues like flooding or breached discharge consents

Veolia's interceptor cleaning service can take the hassle away, with services taking place as often as your business requires, and all compliance requirements and paperwork is taken care of.  
Watch the video below to find out more about the benefits this service offers:

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Prevent health, safety and environmental hazards with our Interceptor Cleaning Service

Your wastewater interceptors must be emptied and maintained regularly to avoid any blockages that could present a health, safety and environmental hazard, not to mention damage your reputation. Our interceptor waste collection and disposal service can help you comply with the highest standards.